Executive Marketing

Paul Rega & Associates has developed a unique career marketing tool called Executive Marketing. The program is designed to facilitate career moves of food industry professionals with a focus on representing individuals to companies they have personally identified.

Candidates involved in the program develop a target list of companies for which they have expressed an interest. Paul Rega & Associates utilizes the list of companies to create an Executive Marketing program unique to each person.

The program was first implemented in 1984 and uses a very effective job search approach developed by Paul Rega. All individuals marketed maintain complete control of their job search and are only represented to their target list of companies. Executive Marketing is a free service to candidates where all fees are company paid.

Paul Rega & Associates is currently representing the following candidates through the Executive Marketing program. Please contact us should you have an interest in speaking with any of the individuals indicated below or would like more information on how Executive Marketing can enhance your personal career objectives.

  • Vice President Commercial Operations
  • Manager of Engineering and Maintenance
  • Regional Sales Manager, Food Ingredients
  • Director of Research & Development
  • Quality Assurance Manager

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