100_0378Paul Rega is President of Paul Rega & Associates. He has served the food industry in several capacities since 1981. Paul is a nationally recognized Executive Recruiter and author. He is well known throughout the food industry as an executive search professional who is a very thorough and effective problem solver. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology having attended the University of Illinois and Western Illinois University. Prior to establishing his executive search firm in 1984, Paul held the position of Chemical Marketing Manager with Fisher Scientific Company, a division of Allied Chemical where he sold and marketed food and pharmaceutical grade chemicals. His bestselling book, How To Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs is an excellent resource for anyone who is looking for a new job or wants to make a career change.


“I have worked with and known Paul Rega for many years.  Paul’s industry expertise, professionalism, knowledge, skill, and abilities as a search consultant are exceptional.  He is a master at sourcing executives, scientific and technical candidates who inevitably match the position requirements and cultural fit of the company.  Paul is relationship and service oriented with his clients and his vast network of candidates and contacts enables him to source promptly and effectively.  Most importantly, Paul’s continuous communication regarding the search process is outstanding.  He was open to hiring manager feedback and sometimes re-sourcing candidates to ensure a “mutual fit.” During my own personal career searches, Paul was a consistent and valuable resource for leads and position opportunities.  He was a tremendous source of support, advice, inspiration and encouragement. I highly recommend Paul, personally and professionally, as a premier search consultant.”   –Elaina L. Jeavons, Vice President, Human Resources

“I have worked with Paul as both a retained executive search consultant placing key management staff in my organization and as a coach, recruiter, and friend in my own career development. Paul has the ability to ask the right questions and bring you to the answers rather than “telling” you what you need to know. His insight and advice are trusted and highly valued despite the fact he may often challenge your thinking and sometimes tell you what you may not want to hear. I believe Paul recognizes by approaching relationships honestly and with your client’s best interest in mind, the transactional side of the business will always take care of itself.”   –Rolf Rogers, Executive Leadership Team at Marron Foods

“Paul is a values-driven executive recruiter that does an excellent job at finding and matching talent with a business opportunity for mutual benefit among all parties. Paul earned my trust and acted in a highly professional manner with an Engineering Manager search he led for Quaker Oats.”   –Patrick Mitten, President, Acme Finishing Company, LLC

“Paul is a very forward thinking industry executive. I have found his perspectives to be unique and helpful in solving several problems I have faced. To gain an insight into his views and experience, try reading his new book available at Amazon.”   –George Turner, VP Purchasing, Ruiz Foods

“At times in my career, I have looked for a better opportunity and Paul has been a solid supporter and helped guide me to another situation. He has sound advice and freely mentors people. An excellent resource for those looking for that next move up.”   –Richard Meyer, Vice President, Science & Technology

“I have known Paul as a recruiter and somewhat of a mentor since 1999 when he placed me in a management position that I thought I would have for the rest of my career. One year to the day after the 911 disaster, that all changed, and my position was downsized. My life mirrors the authors- a series of adjustments and changes over the past ten years that can sometimes wear you down. Paul’s new book, “How to Find A Job: When There Are No Jobs,” is an insightful recollection of a personal and professional journey that we all can relate to, and it also provides some very useful tools for “pulling it all together”, regardless of what period of transition you are in. This is a quick, inexpensive tool for anyone whom is in transition or is contemplating a change. Paul has always been a true professional, but more importantly, he takes a personal interest in his clients, and has created many friends along the way.”   –Tom Bishop, Senior National Accounts Manager

“Paul Rega’s level of professionalism and service to his clients is unmatched in the industry. In my experience, Paul coached me to a point where I could excel at my interview and ensure a win for my future.”   –Joy Isaacs, Director, Research & Development

“Paul is a highly skilled recruiter and career coach. His guidance and advice has helped me through job transitions at several companies. I highly recommend Paul as a career coach and mentor. I also recommend his latest publication “How to Find a Job: When There Are No Jobs”. It gives sound career advice and shows you how to market yourself in today’s challenging job market”   –Mary Procopio,  Commodity Procurement Manager, Pork at the US Foods