Executive Search

Paul Rega & Associates is a retained executive search firm established in 1984, which specializes in the recruitment of food industry professionals on a national basis. Our areas of expertise encompass Retail, Food Service, and the Industrial markets. The firm’s recruiting efforts are focused in Management, Sales and Marketing and Technical disciplines of the food industry, including, Research and Development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Operations, Engineering, Nutrition, Flavor Chemistry and Microbiology.

As a former contingency recruiter, Paul Rega realized that this method of recruiting was not allowing him to properly serve his clients. Thus in 1986, in an effort to better provide recruitment services to his customers, he converted his contingency recruiting company to a retained executive search firm. The results of the conversion were remarkable and the firm is proud to note that a great majority of their clients are repeat customers. The goal at Paul Rega & Associates is to provide your company with the most effective and personalized recruitment services in the industry.

Because recruiting key employees can be a complicated and costly endeavor, we have prepared a comparison between contingency type recruiting and our firm’s practice of Retained Executive Search. We hope the comparison will offer an insight into the most efficient and cost-effective method for locating key employees for your company.

Contingency: A contingency search is an effort by a recruiter to locate a candidate where there is no commitment established between the client company and the recruiter. A contingency recruiter typically works on ten to fifteen searches at the same time. They usually present their clients with numerous candidates; many of which are not properly screened. It is impossible for a contingency recruiter to focus their attention on a specific client because of the sheer number of searches they work on. A contingency recruiter’s effectiveness to produce a quality candidate versus that of a retained recruiter is very low. The dissatisfied client is often forced to seek the services of several contingency recruiters until a candidate can be found.

Retained Executive Search: Each recruiter at Paul Rega & Associates works on an average of only two to three searches at a time. As a result, the recruiter is better able to focus their efforts on individual clients. We can work on fewer searches than a contingency firm because we have our client’s commitment in the form of a retainer. Our commitment to you is one of thoroughness and individual client attention, enabling us to fully analyze the exact parameters of your search. We work closely with each of our clients to become familiar with their unique businesses, including corporate philosophy and culture. The knowledge we gain about your business and search parameters enables us to quickly and effectively surface the most quality oriented candidates in the industry.

Contingency: A contingency recruiter typically does not have as much recruiting and industry experience as a retained executive recruiter. As a result, they do not have access to the same quality and numbers of candidates as a retained recruiter. Because a contingency recruiter is not compensated for their time, they often only provide their clients with candidates in their database. They do not invest the time needed to search outside their database to locate the best candidates in the industry.

Retained Executive Search: Each recruiter at Paul Rega & Associates has an average of twenty years of recruiting and food industry experience. Our firm has developed a very sophisticated and extensive computerized contact database. Our proprietary database is an efficient search tool used by our recruiters to locate the best candidates in the industry. The recruiters at Paul Rega & Associates are highly trained and able to conduct an effective and timely search from within and outside our database. This results in the recruiter’s ability to effectively locate, evaluate and recruit the best-qualified candidates in the industry.

Paul Rega & Associates sincerely appreciates the opportunity to assist you in recruiting key employees for your company. We look forward to learning more about your specific business and staffing needs. Please contact us at 727-457-4352 or email paulrega@paulrega.com for additional information.